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Daniela Cusack , CV
Assistant Professor


Effects of global change (e.g. drying, nitrogen deposition, wildfire) on tropical ecosystem carbon storage and nutrient cycling across biogeographic gradients.

          Lee Dietterich
Postdoctoral researcher
Contributions of plant-soil interactions to carbon and nutrient cycling with drying across tropical forests.

          Avishesh Neupane
Ph.D. degree student
The fate of new carbon in soils across weathering and mineralogical gradients in tropical forests and grasslands.

          Mark Ciochina
M.A. 2017
  Shifts in ecosystem processes across spatial and temporal scales, and how feedbacks, tipping points, and disturbances create stability or change in ecosystems.

          Sarah Halterman
M.A. 2015
  Effects of changes in climate and forest productivity on carbon storage in tropical forest ecosystems. Intersection of field and laboratory methods with remote sensing and climate modeling technologies to extrapolate findings and make predictions on a global scale.

          Corey Rovzar
Ph.D. collaborator 2015
Influence of soil properties on the restoration success of endangered native Hawaiian dry forest species in a highly degraded habitat.

          Daniel Ashdown
Undergraduate Researcher 2014-2016
Responses of total soil carbon stocks to long-term changes in litter inputs and fertilization in tropical forests in Panama.

          Tim Johnston
Undergraduate honors 2015
Resilience of changes in soil carbon and nitrogen stocks two years after the end of a multi-decade fertilization experiment mimicking hurricane effects in Puerto Rico.


Ismarie Santiago
NSF Research Experience for Undergrads (REU) 2014


Recovery of soil nutrient levels two years after the end of long-term nutrient fertilizations in Puerto Rican rainforests.


Taylor McCleery
Undergraduate and MA student 2011-2014


Effects of pollution and urbanization on the spread of non-native species and nutrient retention and storage in tropical and temperate ecosystems.


Amy Stuyvesant
Undergraduate honors student 2012-2013


How increased nutrient inputs, as may happen with green leaf litter from hurricanes, alters soil nutrient content of tropical rain forests of Puerto Rico.


Chase LeCroy
Lab manager 2011-2013


Sample processing and chemical analysis of plant and soil tissues for organic and inorganic carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus content.


Kathryn Gaasch
NSF Research Experience for Undergrads (REU) 2012


Long-term effects of nutrient fertilization (N, P, K, micro) effects on Puerto Rican rainforests


Joseph Lee
Undergraduate honors student 2011-2012


Controls on soil respiration between forest and invasive grass sites in the tropical urban watershed of San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Arion Farley
Field and lab technician 2010


Soil and plant tissue sample collection and processing, and carrying huge loads through the rainforest in Puerto Rico!