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Dr. Joshua Fisher, NASA Jep Propulsion Laboratory.
Project: Links between above- and belowground carbon storage, Panama.

Dr. William Hockaday, Baylor University.
Project: Mineralogical controls over the fate of carbon, Hawai'i and Panama.

Dr. Erika Marin-Spiotta, University of Wisconsin.
Project: Nitrogen fertilization effects on soil carbon turnover, Puerto Rico.

Dr. Lars Markesteijn, Bangor University, UK.
Project: Litterfall across a rainfall gradient, Panama.

Dr. William H. McDowell, University of New Hampshire.
Project: Nitrogen fertilization experiment, Puerto Rico.

Dr. Ed Tanner, University of Cambridge.
Project: Effects of changing litterfall on tropical soil carbon, Panama.

Dr. Benjamin Turner, Smithsonial Tropical Research Institute.
Project: Controls over tropical soil carbon, Panama.

Dr. Peter Vitousek, Stanford University.
Project: Mineralogical and microbial controls over the fate of charcoal, Hawai'i.

Dr. S. Joseph Wright, Smithsonial Tropical Research Institute.
Project: The transfer of root carbon into soils, Panama.


Department of Agriculture, International Institute of Tropical Forestry.

Department of Energy, Early Career Research Program.

Fulbright Scholar Program.

Hawai'i Wildfire Management Organization.

Hellman Fellows Fund.

National Science Foundation, Geography and Spatial Sciences Program.

San Juan Urban Long-Term Research Area (ULTRA).

University of California - Los Angeles, Academic Senate.